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ZS series high efficiency vibration sieve

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1 ZS type high efficiency sieving machine

(1) ZS series vibrating screen is absorption, digestion of Japan, Taiwan similar products technology, screening, filtering equipment with international leading level.

(2) ZS series vibration screening, Y series motor (motor vibration and vibration motor), two; models from (0.45-2.0) m eight.

(3) ZS series vibrating screen material from A3 and 304 (316) two, 24 hours of continuous screening, filtering below 325 mesh material.

Working principle

(1), ZS series vibrating screen, Y series of motor soft connection drive, drive "oscillator" exciting force is produced (vibration motor generates exciting force); the screen for the rotary adjusting eccentric block vibration; under 0 ℃ -90 ℃ phase angle, effectively change the material in the sieve surface running track the, extend or shorten the material in the sieve surface screening time, achieve the ideal filtration effect.

(2), screening is divided into: 1, 2, 3 grade; filtration;, impurity removal; 4, whole grain.

2 installation and adjustment

1, the motor should be secured to the mounting surface, the installation must be smooth, flat.

2, the level of motor can be installed.

3, the electrical lead-core rubber cable using four YZ-500V, connect the power supply when lead cable emergency break does not allow, and reliable fixation with vibrator.

4, the motor should be reliable grounding, electrical grounding device, the lead end mark, can also make use of strong ground foot bolt.

5, the adjustment of excitation force.

Use and repair

1, the machine should be installed in the electrical protection device.

In early 2, the machine running the anchor bolts, check at least once a day, to prevent loosening.

3, when the motor rotation direction does not meet the requirements, adjust the power phase sequence.

4, the motor should be to ensure good lubrication, each running two weeks supplementation of lithium grease (ZL-3) once, petrol, oil cup to add the amount of lithium base grease. When using sealed bearings, motor without installation.

5, the machine is running a total of 1500 hours, you should check the bearings, if serious injury should be replaced immediately.

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