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GK type dry granulating machine

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1 the company is developed based on the absorption of foreign design concept of a medicinal special dry granulating machine, compared with the original GK type dry granulating machine: size, efficiency, cleaning, maintenance and other direction is greatly improved, and the equipment design concept is based on the separate process area and equipment transmission area clear, separate driving device and a control unit and product design in accordance with the "GMP" specification requirements, more agile, fast parts assembly and disassembly, cleaning the surface, material contact parts are made of stainless steel.This machine is a new equipment is made directly to the powder particles. This machine is novel and reasonable structure, stable and reliable performance, convenient cleaning and repair.The mechanism of the particles can be compressed tablet, capsule, granule do. GK type dry granulating machine is mainly used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries. Especially suitable for wet cannot solve the material granulation.Field of application:Pharmaceutical: tablet, capsule filling particles, particles.Food: granular, granular seasoning food manufacture etc..Plastic: all kinds of plastic forming particles.Chemical industry: catalyst, pigment, detergent and other chemical feedstock particles.Performance characteristics:The powder grain density is uniform, good solubility, high granulation rate.Feeding structure of special uniform, good solubility, high granulation rate.Roll cooling water circulation, ensure that no material sticking phenomenon.Don't need water or ethanol, lubricant, does not require a two heating and drying, less process, high efficiency, low cost.The use of electric hydraulic, advanced operation is simple and reliable, high degree of automation.Sealing operation, no pollution, meet the sanitary requirement for medicines.Especially in the wet granulation of materials can not be solved.
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