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SBH series three dimensional shaker mixer

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Using the characteristics of three-dimensional mixing machine:
(1) advanced structure, convenient operation, safe and reliable operation, the double helix axis without bottom bearing, it eliminates the problems caused by infiltration of the bottom bearing powder.
(2) fast mixing speed, and uniform quality. This machine is double helix for asymmetric arrangement, one large and one small enlarges the mixing range, so the proportion of the poor mixing ratio between material mixing more appropriate.
(3) significant energy-saving effect, the machine and the drum mixer compared to only 1/10 of energy consumption.
(4) for the granular material wear and pressure fed small, not overheating of heat-sensitive materials mixed reaction.
(5) the stability of the preparation of mixed, no stratification and segregation.
(6) the machine seal clean, simple operation, convenient repair, long service life. In addition, can according to user requirements, the cone made of pressure vessel pressure or vacuum operation.
(7) the machine's autobiography, the revolution has a motor and a cycloid reducer complete.
(8) SBH series of three dimensional shaker mixer comprises a base, a transmission system, electric control system, multiple transport mechanism.
(9) SBH series of three dimensional shaker mixer device has multiple directions of motion, so that the material mixing point barrel body, the mixing effect is high, uniformity can reach more than 99.9% maximum load factor up to 0.9 (ordinary mixing machine is 0.4 ~ 0.6).
(10) the mixing time is short, high efficiency.
(11) the design of three-dimensional mixing machine is unique, the inner wall of the bucket body after fine polishing, no dead angle, no contaminated material, convenient discharging, easy cleaning and simple operation

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