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GHJ series V type high efficient mixing machine

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1 how to maintenance: GHJ series of V type high efficient mixing machine product line for the highly asymmetric mixing machine, which is suitable for chemical industry, food, pharmaceutical, food, ceramics, mixed metallurgy industries such as powder or granules. The structure is reasonable, simple, closed operation, convenient feeding and discharging, the bottom of the barrel is made of stainless steel material, easy to clean, is one of the basic equipment enterprises.

The process of installation and use machine also needs a lot of attention, which is conducive to the maintenance and growth of mixing machine of his life.

Installation: to machinery placed stably, installed the machine feet, flat, so that the machine can operate freely.

Before use shall be refuel with good oil, and then the no-load running, check whether the loosening of the fastener, the electrical machinery is normal, whether the normal operation, if there is abnormal, the renovation for debugging.

The feed inlet to the top, open the feeding cover for feeding, feeding amount can not exceed the charging amount does not exceed the specified volume, and then close the feeding cover, start the machine running, the way such as abnormal, must stop check.

Replacement of species must be within the hopper, and rinse.

2 GHJ series V for efficient mixing machine method: first open the feed mixer in the belt running condition, and confirm the discharge port is closed, according to the process control requirements on the provisions of the internal material. Feeding is completed, in order to prevent mixing when material out of the feed port to close and lock.

Next is the machine work time, connect the power supply button, will stop button to rotate left, start the reverse button mixing machine, adjust the speed of electric machine in the process specified speed product to 600r/min mixing. In the mixture to process after a specified period of time, I was stopped by adjusting the motor speed, stop should be to make the mixing machine feeding port is on the ground, and the regulation of the motor speed to "0 V hybrid machine will stop button to rotate right, cut off the power supply.

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